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  1. Somebody loves you AaRON LORDSON 4:28
  2. One Love/People Get Ready Bob Marley & the Wailers 2:53
  3. She Believes in Me Aaron Lordson 4:15
  4. I Will Always Love You Whitney Huston 4:24
  5. Let's Get it on Marvin Gaye 4:00
  6. There Goes My Everything Aaron Lordson 3:08
  7. Sweet Little Woman Joe Cooker 4:02
  8. Concrete Jungle Bob Marley 4:12
  9. Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival 3:07
  10. How sweet it is to be loved by you 2:58
  11. When A Man Loves A Woman Michael Bolton 4:20


Experience the epitome of glamour and artistry at the Cannes Hall Of Fame Festival, a dazzling fusion of music, fashion, and luxury. Immerse yourself in the world of iconic performances by music legends and runway spectacles featuring top models. Elevate your style with exclusive showcases from luxury accessories companies unveiling their latest masterpieces. Join us for a celebration where stars collide, and creativity takes center stage, making Cannes Hall Of Fame the ultimate destination for those seeking an unforgettable blend of sophistication, fashion and musical brillance. We invite you to explore the pinnacle of craftsmanship with premier luxury accessories. For Art connaisseurs, the festival unveils an exclusive curation of exquisite art collections, creating a heaven for collectors seeking masterpieces that transcend time.


Join us for a transcendent experience where creativity knows no bounds, and every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

Toast to elegance and excellence at the Cannes Hall Of Fame Festival an unparalleled platform where the world’s finest wines and champagnes meet a discerning audience of connaisseurs. Come elevate your brand amidst the fusion of music, fashion, and luxury, creating an ambiance that complements the sophistication of your exquisite libations. Showcase your craft to a global audience of trendsetters, and let the bubbles of success flow as we redefine the pinnacle of indulgence together. Join us today for an extraordinary celebration where every pour is an art, and every sip is a journey into refined taste !


Rising Star of Film and Music

Born in 2004, Venus Lordson is swiftly establishing herself as a formidable talent in both the film and music industries. Currently a student in the Film and Television Production program at the University of Southern California, Venus has seamlessly blended her academic pursuits with a burgeoning career in entertainment.

Venus’s artistic journey began at the age of 10 after moving to Cannes, a city renowned for its rich cinematic history. This vibrant cultural environment sparked her aspirations to become an actress and film director. Her musical talents also came to the forefront in 2016 during a memorable performance in Aix-en-Provence, where she sang alongside her father to an audience of over 1,500 people. Influenced by iconic vocalists such as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin, Venus declared her intent to make a lasting impact as a performer during this significant event.

In Los Angeles, Venus is actively involved in both the behind-the-scenes aspects of filmmaking and in front of the camera, assuming roles as a producer and actress. Her creative vision extends beyond mere entertainment; she aims to provoke thought and inspire change through the cinematic elements she crafts and the powerful narratives she weaves in her music. Currently, Venus is spearheading a creative collective that spans luxury management, music production, and cinematic direction. Her collaborative spirit shines in this venture, promising to bring innovative and impactful projects to the forefront of the arts.

In a significant milestone, Venus has been invited to present some of her work at the prestigious Cannes Hall of Fame festival. This opportunity, slated for the near future, will allow her to showcase her skills and visionary projects to an international audience, further establishing her as a creative force.

As Venus continues her education and hones her craft, the entertainment industry watches eagerly. With a relentless drive and the inspiration of her musical and cinematic muses, Venus Lordson is not just participating in the arts—she is poised to redefine them.



Laugh is the best therapy and it’s free

Despina Andromeda Mirou,is an established Greek`American actress,writer,Stand-Up Comedian & Astronomer.We khow Despina from her films “Crimes of the Future”2022 by DAVID CRONENBERG”,in film “Life in a Day”2021 by RIDLEY SCOTT, she co-directed too,”On my Block” 2019 NETFLIX,”Show me a hero” HBO by Paul Haggis,”Laught Factory” 2017.Despina is member of QUINCY JONES Foundation,and she is member in DAVID LYNCH foundation in Los Angeles.

Despina began her dynamic career as a child actor,and she received two writing awards as a writer when she was 13 years old.
Despina Mirou is known for her performances across genres. Despina started her career while she was a child doing an improve stand up, she was discovered by the famous comic creator and writer Rena Rigga of the TV series ‘Akros Oikogenoiakon”.The following years Despina Mirou participated in many T.V series,10 Films and 10 classical theatrical plays like ;”The Odd Couple” by Neil Simon, “Uncle Vanya” by Anton Chekhov,e.t.c.
Despina Mirou the last 5 years moved to USA,she became American citizen, and she received 5 Awards ,at 2013 from US Congress for “Excellence in Innovations”,one award in 2018 “Audience favorite Stand Up Comedy Actress” from the Comedy Union,and in 2019 “Best Stand Up Comedy Actress Award”,”Women Shaping the world award “2019.Also, in 2019 Despina Mirou received an award from NASA Sky program about her research for “M31-Andromeda “.

Despina Mirou started her international career with Peter Bogdanovich”s film “The cats meow”.She participated in a masterclass with Al Pacino and took acting classes with John Strasberg.Despina Mirou played the character of Cassandra in the play “Oresteia” by Aeschylus , Off Broadway. she established a Stand-up career at various Comedy clubs in LA and NY, like The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, New York Comedy club.Her faces impersonations include :Lucile Ball,Joan 

Despina Andromeda Mirou

Despina Mirou in 2015 took part in the HBO TV series ‘Show me a Hero” ,2016 In “Days of our lives”NBC,2018 in Sony Pictures drama ” A mothers sacrifice”, recently in 2020 NETFLIX ” on my block ” comedy series.
Despina Mirou pacticipated in 12 films in USA ,with great actors like Faye Dunaway,Michael Madsen,Laine Kazan,Daryl Hanah ,like comedy film “Nurses do it better “,”Vamp bikes Dos ” , and “Vamp bikes tres “,the comedy” The Proposal “,the drama “Vox influx”e.t.cShe has done 7 films for 2020 and new films that she start,like the drama film” American Conection ” with Faye Dunaway,the drama “Cleightchaltug “,the comedy “The light touch”,the “Tango Shallom “,a comedy film with Laine Kazan,the drama “Japanese Brotch “, the drama film “Still here”,the western ‘Damn her”.
Despina Mirou has studied “Film comedy director” working up to Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen films,and she received her diploma in Astronomy “Planetary Astronomy’ and SETI.




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